Dental Restoration Procedures From a General Dentist

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Are you wondering if you should choose a general dentist to provide dental restoration services? General dentists often perform restoration procedures on their patients. These are typically necessary to improve a patient's oral health.


General dentists often perform dental restorations

Looking for a new general dentist in McKinney? While many different types of dentists can perform dental restorations on their patients, many patients tend to choose a general dentist. This choice tends to be because general dentists are primary dental care providers, meaning they can offer a wide variety of dental services. According to Cleveland Clinic, restorations are one of the many ways a general dentist can replace or restore missing teeth or parts of a tooth's structure. Restorations are typically necessary when a patient has lost a tooth or several teeth and needs to replace them. This can be due to natural aging, dental decay, gum disease, or injury. 


Examples of dental restoration procedures

The list below includes a few examples of dental restoration procedures that general dentists often perform on their patients.


Dental fillings

Dental fillings are the most common type of restoration procedure performed on dental patients. These are necessary whenever someone has decay in one or more of their teeth. There are many different types of filling materials that general dentists can use to address decay. Examples include silver, porcelain, and gold. Additional filling options are ceramic and glass ionomer.


Dental veneers

Dental veneers are also called porcelain veneers and are used to improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, discolored, broken, crooked, or misshaped. When patients need this type of dental restoration, their dental veneers will be custom-made for them. Custom veneers allow for a natural look, making this a popular restoration procedure for those who have one or more different types of tooth problems. Veneers can last upward of 15 years with proper care.


Dental crowns

A dental crown is a restoration procedure that helps save a tooth with decay that weakens it, is damaged due to multiple chips, or has a crack in it. Crowns help prevent a tooth from further damage because the patient can lose the tooth entirely when a tooth breaks. Crowns are important because they help save teeth. General dentists receive the necessary training and knowledge to help a patient's adult teeth last a lifetime. However, patients need to maintain a regular dental care routine at home, and in the dental practice with regular dental checkups. With proper oral care, dental crowns can last upward of 30 years.


Bottom line

Choosing a general dentist to perform dental restoration procedures is something that many people are doing nowadays. Since general dentists are primary dental care providers, they are often the first type of dentist one sees when needing restoration treatment. However, the longer someone waits to undergo any necessary dental restoration procedures, the more difficult it will be to treat their particular tooth problem. It can lead to more adverse health problems and will likely cost much more money.


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