The Most Common Treatments at a Family Dentist

The Most Common Treatments at a Family Dentist from Sam Patel DDS, PA in McKinney, TXA family dentist is a dental professional who specializes in caring for the teeth and gums of people of all ages. With this being the case, we offer a wide range of services. Here is an outline of the most common treatments we provide.

Dental cleanings and exams

Routine professional cleanings are integral to maintaining optimal oral health. Our family dentist recommends that all patients receive this service at least once every six months. We offer this service because it helps prevent and treat tooth decay, gum disease, and other underlying causes of bad breath and tooth deterioration. This service involves removing traces of plaque and tartar (hardened mineral deposits). Dental professionals can only remove tartar with special tools, as a toothbrush is not abrasive enough for removal.

A dental exam aims to check for signs of diseases, infections, or abnormal shifts in the patient’s dental state. This is often when patients know if they will need orthodontic treatments, such as braces or aligners, in the future.

Fluoride treatments

Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay in between professional cleanings. It can be applied to the teeth through highly concentrated gels, rinses, foams, or varnish. However, in children six months or older, it is best not to give them any kind of mouth rinse because they are more likely to swallow it. Therefore, children undergoing a fluoride treatment are more likely to receive the gel form.

Fluoride treatments will last for a few hours after being applied, usually disappearing from the surface of the teeth after being brushed away. However, the highly concentrated solution will be absorbed into the teeth before the patient brushes or eats, with the effects lasting at least three months. Therefore, the family dentist will likely recommend a treatment three times a year or during each routine cleaning.

Tooth decay repair

Tooth decay is a common problem that can lead to tooth loss. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that feed on sugar in the mouth, producing acid that attacks enamel and causes cavities. If left untreated, tooth decay can cause severe damage not only to the teeth but also to the gums, leading to infection or death of surrounding tissues.

Since tooth decay leaves behind damage after removal through scaling or root canal therapy, a family dentist will repair the tooth through fillings, inlays, onlays, dental crowns, or an extraction (severe decay). The restoration type depends on the extent of the damage left behind and which tooth was impacted.

Oral cancer screenings

Oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world, with nearly half a million new cases diagnosed each year. It can come in many forms, but one thing they all have in common is that they start as small lesions in the back of the throat or on/in the mouth that gradually grow over time. If left untreated, these lesions can become life-threatening tumors. Thus, regular checkups at a family dentist are important for detecting any abnormalities early on before they get out of control. If these signs are spotted, our dentist will refer the patient to a cancer specialist for a formal diagnosis and treatment plan.

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