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If you have teeth that are damaged or irregular in size, shape, or color, dental veneers can cover up these flaws. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that attach to the outside of teeth to improve their appearance while not interfering with function. Although made from durable materials like resin or porcelain, they do not necessarily last forever and may need to be replaced approximately every 10 years. By investing some time into taking care of them, you can help your veneers last longer.

6 steps for caring for dental veneers

The basics of oral hygiene are nearly identical for people with dental veneers as for those without - Brush twice a day and floss at least once daily. Veneers are a restorative solution to your smile, but they do not prevent tooth decay or gum disease. Good oral hygiene is still important. You may have to make slight modifications to these habits, and there are other considerations to consider regarding the care and protection of your teeth.

1. Update your tools

Using abrasive cleaning agents can damage your veneers. Make sure to choose toothpaste that does not contain harsh abrasives and use a soft-bristle toothbrush.

2. Avoid alcohol

Veneers are attached to your teeth with a chemical bonding agent. Exposure to alcohol can cause this to soften, damaging the veneers. If you use an antiseptic mouthwash to protect against germs, choose one without alcohol and limit your intake of beer, wine, and hard liquor.

3. Avoid staining foods

Dental veneers are more resistant to stains than natural teeth. However, if you have teeth that do not have veneers next to those that do, the natural teeth may become stained. If this happens, the veneers no longer match the surrounding teeth. You can also avoid staining either your teeth or your veneers by quitting smoking, which offers more health benefits overall.

4. Protect from damage

Veneers can become damaged from acute trauma or prolonged stress. If you frequently participate in contact sports, you should wear a mouth guard to protect both the veneers and the underlying teeth if you get hit in the face. You can also damage veneers by grinding your teeth while you sleep, a condition called bruxism, which can also be prevented with mouth guards. Talk to your dentist about these issues to see if you can get a mouthguard that serves both purposes.

5. Modify chewing habits

Veneers are very strong and should stand up well when chewing normal foods. However, chewing on hard objects, such as ice, fingernails, or pens and pencils could cause them to break or chip. You can avoid damage to your veneers and help them last longer when you prevent yourself from chewing on these things, which is not good for your underlying teeth anyway.

6. Have frequent checkups

You can help extend the life of your veneers by seeing your dentist on a regular basis. In addition to routine cleanings, examinations, and gum care, your dentist can also perform any repairs to your veneers that may be necessary. It is also appropriate to see your dentist outside the usual schedule if you notice damage to your veneers.

Warning signs that veneers should be replaced

Taking care of your veneers will help you get the maximum lifespan from this treatment. While incredibly durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of normal chewing and speaking, these shells were not made to last forever. At some point, they may need to be replaced. Here are some signs to pay attention to.


Veneers are resistant to many things, but coffee, tea and wine are just a few of the things that can cause staining over time. At some point, the stain can become so deep that brushing will not lighten or remove it. At this point, the veneer would need to be replaced. The underlying bonding cement will also start to darken over time, leading to the need for replacement.


If you let your oral hygiene slip, you could develop gum disease. As gingivitis progresses, the gums start to pull away from the teeth. As this happens, you will start to see a gap between where the veneer is set and the gumline. This could lead to an increased risk of tooth decay beneath the veneer.


Dental veneers are very effective for covering up minor issues and improving the appearance of your smile. The better you take care of them, the longer they should last and the less frequently you may have to replace them.

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